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Every successful person in business will tell you Goal Setting is an essential skill to success. In my experience with sport, personal development and business Goal Setting is the major feature which separates the good from the great. Note; Goal Setting isn't just setting goals. That's just dreaming and imagining. Goal Setting is as much about the application and the execution as it is about coming up with your vision of success.

There is a (loose) theory that your individual personality favours either a Right Brain or Left Brain label. Right Brain being more creative, in the now and liberal. Left Brain being more analytical, forward thinking and structured. Although there's (arguably) no creditable science to prove this theory you can agree that many people could put themselves into either side based on their personality and traits. 'Dreamers' are often very Right Brain people who come up with all the good ideas but rarely put them into practise due to a lack of self discipline. Accountants, solicitors and doctors tend to be more Left Brain with incredible self management, planning and structure. 

In Goal Setting it's important to be able to tap into both. Your Right Brain comes up with your vision of success while your Left Brain produces the plan to makes it happen. If you're not confident with your Left Brain thinking find someone who is. You'll often find successful companies will have a healthy mix of both in their organisation and their responsibilities will depend on their label. Smart management will have them all working together in a balanced environment.

Unfortunately that wasn't enough to comfortably service a $500,000 loan and the ongoing costs of owning a home. Therefore as an Action they needed to increase the rate to $60 per/hour (20% increase) and book an average of 150 hours (25% increase). Through the 1% Philosophy we were able to identify the increases needed across all the steps of their sales process and commit to specific Actions (including dates). 

As you can see from this example if this person just focused on the loan repayments part of the process they would have only ever got as far as the Vision because the reality of what they were earning and what they needed to earn seemed out of sight. In order to achieve the dream of owning their first home they had to break it down into bite-sized pieces. In reality the pathway to this success and owning their own home is really quite simple. Look at the Action section of this example. Most goals, no matter how big, really are as simple as this if you plan with the right practises.

I suggest printing off your own planning chart and start the first step towards your own success.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

Benjamin Franklin

There are literally hundreds of methods and twice as many 'experts' to help with your goal setting. In every case the basic principal remains the same: Start with a vision and break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces and set specific actions/dates you need to execute. These are the building the blocks needed to achieve your goal(s).

In this example I was working with a copy writer who wanted to buy their first home. You can see within the Vision section we wrote down everything they could visualise in their new home. In the Planning section we needed to work out both where they were and where they needed to be. At that point they were charging $50 per/hour for their work and booking an average of 120 hours per month.

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