The Art Of Collecting Nos

During my early years of selling, I worked for a national consumer events company based out of Townsville (North Queensland). I’d never worked outside of Townsville, I was in my early twenties and trying to convince medium and large sized businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast to take exhibition space at our events. It was VERY hard. One of the senior salesmen was always going on about “collecting NOs”. When times got tough he’d say “Start collecting NOs mate and the YESs will come.” It sounded stupid then and it sounds stupid now. However that sales technique has changed my work life more than once.


When selling any product or service there is a little or a lot of emotion involved. No matter if you are, you make or you believe in the product or service you’re selling there’s a personal attachment there. Any decision made on this product or service can feel like a personal mark on you and your abilities. Therefore some people can take sales objections and rejections quite personally.

"There's a conviction in confidence."

A. Witty

Collecting NOs is an acceptance that there’s a very good chance your prospect is going to say “no” to your offer. For this theory to work, you must put your best foot forward and give a great presentation with the utmost enthusiasm. If you do this and you do it a lot you’ll start turning more of those NOs into YESs.


The reason for this change is because of an increase in your confidence. If deep down you’re not caring about rejection anymore you’re actually building confidence. “There’s a conviction in confidence.” This is one of my favourite sayings and it absolutely works. Have you ever noticed the friend that ‘picks up’ the most is usually the most confident? That’s because they’re the most convincing. People are also attracted to confidence. ‘Confident’ not ‘cocky’!


If you’re feeling a little down and you’re not handling objections and rejections very well try collecting NOs. The goal is to put your best foot forward with every prospect and know if you collect enough NOs, you’ll build your confidence and start collecting more YESs.

"The Sex Of Selling"
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14th August, 2017
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